“…50, 52, 52, 53, 54, 55!”

And so it ended that childhood play of counting that long staircase at my great-aunt’s. There were so many climbing up and down of that mansion staircase that gave access to the great hall, constantly visited by diplomats and their lovely wives attending parties and festive occasions… for me, it was a magical space, with narrative paper topics want to write my essay for me no time, no age and no end.
This memory made me invest in a brand with a simple and yet very symbolic designation: THE Nº55


THE Nº55 presents a new wear concept influenced by a visual culture of luxurious details.
Limited handmade edition designs. Its style simultaneous innovative aims to invoke a luxurious feeling of freedom and youth, never loosing sight of quality and detail. THE Nº55 is a concept for women and men moved by a modern spirit of innovation and exploration of their fashion choices to build up their differentiating personal image.

For all this, this “dream come true”  could only be called THE Nº55