About us

...50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55 !

And so ended playing at counting the steps of that long staircase in my great-aunt's  house. There were so many ups and downs of that staircase  of  the mansion which gave access to the great hall, constantly visited by diplomats in the company of their elegantly dressed wives who attended the parties offered by my great-uncle ... for me, it was a magical space, with a unique history that left me with enchanting memories, without time, without age and without end.

This memory made me invest in a brand with a simple and yet very symbolic name: THE Nº55 COUTURE



THE Nº55 COUTURE presents a new concept without gender influenced by a visual culture of luxurious details that is based on the slowfashion concept.

The brand presents a curatorship of pieces based on classic silhouettes worked for an irreverent design, endowing each piece with a simultaneously modern and timeless style.

The pieces presented are limited edition and entirely handmade. Their innovative style aims to invoke a luxurious sense of freedom and youth, never losing sight of attention to detail. THE Nº55 COUTURE is a concept for women and men moved by a modern spirit of innovation and exploration of their fashion choices, contributing with their designs, to the construction of a differentiating personal image that contributes with happy emotions in every moment they are being dressed.



The planet is our mother house... we do different to take care of it!

The garments are totally handmade in Portugal, by professionals who lovingly dedicate many hours to the production of a new model, passing firstly through the modelling process, followed by the execution of the first prototype of each piece to then move on to the final process; the manual cutting of the fabrics, the assembly and also manual confection of all the components that make up the garment. The knitted pieces that are presented are totally handmade, according to the method and techniques in force at the time that goes back to the history of this brand.

Some smart  strategies are also used in the design and production of the collections. A piece THE Nº55 COUTURE can be worn countless times in more than one season.                                                                                               

The raw materials  used  in  the pieces  are mainly purchased in Portugal, corresponding to 80% of the surplus of textile production in Portugal, being each one of them carefully selected to fit the history of the brand. Only 20% of the raw material corresponds to international purchases made in neighbouring countries.

These are some contributions towards reducing the environmental impact caused by the large-scale industrial production of the collections.